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2015 Kids

Selected kids are offered for sale. All kids are fed on colostrum and milk from CAE free does or pasturized milk. Our kids are given lots of room to run and play, developing strong lungs and muscular systems. All orders for kids are on a first come first serve basis We request a $100 deposit on all orders with the balance due after the birth notification. If your order is not filled,we will refund any deposit. We reserve the right to retain any offspring to replenish our herd and to purchase 20 straws of semen, from any bucks sold, at the price of collection.

Gene & Goat

Our farm is located in the fertile fields of Grain Valley Missouri, just thirty minutes east of Kansas City, Missouri. Gene got his start early in the dairy industry. He was raised on a dairy farm one mile from where we now live. He milked his first cow at the tender age of five and was milking ten by the age of ten (all by hand). We have always enjoyed raising animals, and have had many different species. We fell in love with Nubian goats at the Missouri State Fair. The rest, as they say, is history . We started small with four does and have grown ten fold, but still milk by hand. We had our first linear appraisal in 2005. We are attending four shows a year. The foundation animals to our herd include linage's from Goldwaite, Heritage Song, Iron Owl, Jacob’s Pride, Kastdemur’s, LakeShore Farms, Stagelight. We also now have a small very selective herd of Nigerian Dwarfs. Their high butterfat adds that extra richness to our cheeses. their bloodlines include Majyk Hills, Rosasharn Farm, Split Creek and Tiny Tales.


                                                          OUR GOALS


  • Raising productive animals with strong foundation that will stand the test of time.
  • Breeding for sound, straight, correct animals with plenty of height and width.
  • Striving for superior dairy qualities, ease in milking, correct teat size and placement.
  • Promote utilization of milk in a variety of products ranging from whole milk cheeses, yogurt soaps and lotions.




CAE prevention is practiced. Annual vaccination of CD&T, and quarterly rotation of worming products are given. Diets consists of home grown alfalfa hay, a 16% grain blend custom mixed for Loveland Farm at the mill, minerals and free access to grass pasture.





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