Lakeshore-Farms Pick-A-Dilly

N1296199 ~~ DOB. 2/28/04
2007 LA 88 VEEV 
2008 LA 90

  ++*B Kastdemur’s Accidental Tourist
SG +*B Willow Run AT Enferno  
  GCH Willow Run Golden Ember 1*M
  SG *+B Kastdemur’s At Your Service
Lakeshore-Farms Ace Antilly  
  GCH Lakeshore-Farms Exantique lace 2*M

Dilly is a beautiful mahogany brown with playful splashes of white. She has very pliable skin and the texture of her udder is like velvet . Her udder is well balanced and with her first freshening, she is proving to be a good producer. She is very correct with nice angulation and nice breed character in her nose and ears. Dilly won her dry leg at 3 months old. Her sire was the littermate to the National Grand Champion Doe for 2003 & 2004 and the National Best Udder for 2004.

Lakeshore-Farms Ace Antilly(pictured as yearling)
Sire’s litter mate: GCH Willow Run AT Erazel

2004 Sedalia Missouri ~ Grand Champion Jr. Doe
2007 Sedalia Missouri ~ 2X Best In Class

2007 Sedalia Missouri ~ Best In Class
Reserve Grand Champion Sr. Doe

Dilly udder

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