Rosasharn MRC Black Trifle

Picture coming soon

DOB 6/28/09 ~ D1500810

SIRE: Rosasharn SP Mercury D1421377
DAM: Rosasharn TL TigerellaD1454147


CH AGS Majyk Hills GWD Antonianovella

DOB 05/03/2005 ~ D1401326

2010 AGS National Champion

SIRE: AGS Lost Pines GWD Texas Style D-24987
DAM: AGS Goodwood KF Sor Juana D1347144


CH Majyk Hills  GWN Victoriacolonna

DOB: 5/3/05 ~ D1441085

Sire: AGS Lost Pines GWD Texas Style   D-24987
Dam: Goodwood KF SOR Juana    D1347144

Rosaharn GX Mr Good- bar

LA 85 ~ 2013



DOB 5/25/09

Rosaharn’s TL Galaxy D1354485

Rosaharn’s Tom’s Bit-O-Honey D1344379


Buttin’ Heads Champola

Picture coming soon

DOB: 3/31/06 ~ D1374441

Sire: AGS Buttin’ Heads Zip of Champagne    D1321553
Dam:CH AGS Buttin’ Heads Donsxto Seanorita    D1321566

Rosasharn SP Vesta

SIRE: Rosasharn FS Sapporo D1407564
DAM: Rosasharn TL Uridice D1458833

Loveland YS Nightngale

Majyk-Hill's FS Misty Stardust


CH Garden N Goat Witch Hazel  

Majyk-Hill'S FS Cupid

Loveland BHT Cup O’ Jo

Loveland BHT Trinket

Loveland BHT Misty Luna  

Ridgely's PA Halina

Loveland BHT Verlee 

Buttin' Heads Pantograph

Loveland GB Charolette

Majyk Hill’s Chocolate Drop  

Loveland GL Joanna

Loveland BM Dior

Loveland BHT Vera

Loveland YS Champolette

Loveland YS Lunette

Loveland GL Talisman

Loveland BHT Coco

Loveland ZD Gabrielle

Loveland BHT Hershey

Loveland YS Samantha

Loveland BHT Helen



CH Buttin’ Heads Tamarack

DOB 02/13/2008 ~ D1439880

LA 91 EEE ~ 2013

2013 Sedalia Missouri MO-KAN ~ Grand Champion Sr Buck , Best  in Show
2011 Sedalia Missouri ~ Reserve Sr. Buck
2011 Sedalia Missouri ~ Reserve Sr. Buck

2013 ~ SMDGA Neosho Missouri ~ Reserve Champion Sr Buck (Smith)
2014 Boon Companion DGC~ Grand Champion Sr Buck, Best of Breed (ring 1)
2014 Boon Companion DGC~ Grand Champion Sr Buck (ring 2)

Buttin’ Heads Mendleson’s March D1329142  
CH AGS Buttin’ Heads Caribou D1321557  
Tamarack Rear


Wood Bridge Farm Abe Zacuto

DOB: 03/18/2009 ~ D1535486

LA 90 ~ 2013

2013 Sedalia Missouri MO-KAN ~ Reserve Champion Sr Buck
2011 MO-KAN ~ Champion Sr. Buck
2014 Boon Companion DGC~Reserve Grand Champion (ring 1)
2014 ~ Mo-Kan Dairy Goat Club ~ Grand Champion Sr. Buck
2015 ~ Autum Romance, Ring 3 ~ Grand Champion Sr. Buck
2015 Mid-America DGC ~ Reserve Champion Sr. Buck

  Butti'n'Heads Palimony
NC Promisedland Palbo Abednegro
  GCH AGS Promisedland CP Lil Bopeep
  CH AGS Rosasharn UMT Pippin
Wood Bridge Farm Wisabella  
  CH Wood Bridge Farm Viancee

Loveland BHT Moon Doggie

DOB 3/26/11~ D

  Buttin’Heads Mendleson’s March   D1329142
Buttin’Heads Tamarack    D1439880  
  Buttin’Heads Caribou    D1321557
  Simple Pleasures Fire Storm   D1453728
Majyk-Hill”s FS Misty Stardust    D1489285  
  Forrest-Pride Stevia   D1453730


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