CH Wood Bridge Farm Abe Zacuto

D1535486 ~ DOB: 03/18/2009



              SS: Buttin’Heads Palimony
S: NC Promisedland Palbo Abenego
              SD: Promisedland CP Lil Bopeep

              DS: Rosasharn UMT Pippin
D: Wood Bridge Farm Wisabella
              DD: Wood Bridge Farm Viancee


Zac received a 90 VEE on linear appraisal. He earned Excellent in dairy strength and body capacity and very good in head, shoulder assembly, front & rear legs, feet, back, rump, and general appearance.


2011 MO-KAN ~ Champion Sr. Buck
2013 Sedalia Missouri MO-KAN ~ Reserve Champion Sr. Buck
2014 Boon Companion DGC ~ Reserve Grand Champion (ring 1)
2014 ~ Mo-Kan Dairy Goat Club ~ Grand Champion Sr. Buck
2015 ~ Autumn Romance, Ring 3 ~ Grand Champion Sr. Buck
2015 Mid-America DGC ~ Reserve Champion Sr. Buck

2013 ~ LA 90 VEE




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