SGCH Jacobs Pride Blue Jean Baby

N1478006 ~ DOB: 5/15/2009
G6S Carrier


         SS: SG Goldthwaite Tied Up In Silver
S: Goldthwaite Blue Ridge
         SD: GCH Goldthwaite My Bonny Felicity

         DS: SG Jacobs Pride Rock Show
D: SGCH Jacobs Pride Hollywood Star
         DD: SG Jacob’s-Pride Kimia
When I first saw Baby, it was love at first sight. She was just a kid but already showing a lot of length, correctness and style. Baby went on to grow into an elegant lady.  Her final linear score of 92 EEEE is well deserved. She has always been very easy going and loved showing . She is still my very special girl.


2009 Boon Companions DGC~Grand Champion Jr. Doe
2012 Boon Companions DGC~Grand Champion Sr. Doe, Best Of Breed
2014 MO-KAN DGC~Grand Champion Sr. Doe (ring1)
2014 MO-KAN DGC~Grand Champion Sr. Doe (ring2)


2013 LA 91 EEEE
2015 LA 92 EEEE





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