SGCH Goldthwaite Brianna X 2*M

DOB 5/1/02 ~ N1232076

LA 90 EEEV 2007

Pictured as GCH at Boulder County Fair at 2 years and Wyoming State Fair where she went GCH with 50 Nubians showing!
2005 Boulder Colorado Fair: M Butler ~ Best Doe in Show
Boulder Colorado Fair: J Gorman ~ Best Doe in Show
New Mexico State Fair: D Funk ~ Best Doe in Show
Tri-State Fair, Amarillo Texas: K Fraley ~ Best Doe in Show
Wyoming state Fair: T Taylor ~ Best of Breed
Tri-State Fair, Amarillo Texas: A Carter ~ Best of Breed

2004 Wyoming State Fair ~ Grand Champion Sr Doe
Boulder Colorado Show ~ Grand Champion Sr. Doe
Iroquois County Fair, Illinois ~ Reserve Grand Champion Sr. Doe

  SGCH ++*B Dear-Heart's "Omar"
SG +*B Goldthwaite Merlin  
  SGCH Goldthwaite Lady Juliette 7*M
  SGCH ++*B Goldthwaite Lunar
SG Goldthwaite Exotica 1*M  
  Goldthwaite Euphoria

2005: BEST DOE IN SHOW - Boulder Co. Fair, CO: M. Butler
                                                   Boulder Co. Fair, CO: J. Gorman
                                                   New Mexico State Fair: D. Funk
                                                   Tri-State Fair, Amarillo: K. Fraley
BEST OF BREED -   Wyoming State Fair: T.Taylor
                                    Tri-State Fair, Amarillo: A. Carter
2004: GCH- WYO.STATE FAIR - AUG 15/04 (41)
           GCH- BOULDER CO FAIR - AUG 1/ 4           
           RGCH -IROQUOIS CO FAIR, Ill. July 18
DHIR: 0-11 305d 1780# 89f 76p
                    354d 2020# 103f  87p ext.
            2-01 305d 2320# 115f -5% fat 94p
                    325d 2430# 121f               99p
We feel so fortunate to have Brianna . Thanks to Beverly Goldthwaite for trusting us with her. We love Brianna's size and general appearance along with her capacious udder and width of rump. She has beautiful breed and dairy character. She will really add some milk and style to our herd!

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