GCH Loveland GP Faithful Oden

N1293552 ~ DOB: 3/7/04
G6S Carrier
LA: (yearling)

LA 86 ~ 2007
LA 90 ~ 2008

Pictured as a yearling
2005 Sedalia Missouri ~ 2X Grand Champion Sr. Buck
2005 Tonganoxie Kansas ~ 2X Grand Champion Sr. Buck
2007 Sedalia Missouri ~ Grand Champion Sr. Buck

  *B SAADA Winter Wise Nicodemus
*B Goldthwaite Pecos  
  SGCH Goldthwaite Maya 3*M
  +*B GCH Goldthwaite Black Tie Affair
Heritage-Song Hope’s Faith  
  Heritage-Song Hope

Oden is a large very powerful buck with a strong foundation. He is very upstanding and wide. He earned two legs toward his GCH as a yearling. His dam had 1/2 of her udder removed due to an accident , but still milks 10lbs. We are very happy with the kids we have been getting out of him . He passes on his power and strength.




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